Financing for Low Credit in Greater Salt Lake

Let us help you find the financing option for your situation.

Markosian Financing Options

At Markosian Auto we simply arrange the absolute best financing your credit qualifies for. We have teamed up with Utah’s top lenders to offer you the best interest rates out there. If we can’t arrange a great loan for you we will finance you ourselves.

Credit Score:
680 or above

If you’re credit score is a 680 or above you have a lot of great financing options at banks or credit unions. Interest rates are super low starting at 1.9% but you can definitely expect a rate under 4.99%. We deal with most of Utah’s credit unions directly but primarily America First Credit Union.

  • Can finance at a bank or credit union
  • Interest rates 1.9% to 4.99%
  • Long term financing (up to 7 years)
  • Super low payments

Credit Score:
640 to 680

If your score is a 640 to a 680 you will still qualify for bank and credit union financing but your rate will be a little higher usually 5.99% to 10.99%. Lenders like newer cars so typically the newer the car the lower the rate. Using the $10,000 amount financed you can expect a payment anywhere from $200 to $225 per month. Oh and this is 60 months or five years.

Credit Score:
550 to 600

There are several great lenders available to approve you if your score is in this range. The rates typically range from 10.99% to 20.99%. We will typically arrange your loan through Wells Fargo, Capital One or America First Credit Union if you’re score is in this category.

  • Deal with top tier lenders like Wells Fargo or Capital One
  • Interest rates as low as 10.99%
  • Improve your credit score
  • Because of our volume super competitive rates

Credit Score:
Below 550

Although we do have lenders that will approve you if your score is below a 550, we feel the interest rates and fees they charge are so high, often times over 24.99%, that we believe you’re better off financing through us. About half the customers we sell cars to choose this option. There are huge benefits to our in house program.

  • We report to trans union credit bureau
  • Upgrade anytime without being upside down
  • 2 year warranty
  • Down Payments as low as $99

Please keep in mind that these are approximations. There are several other factors banks consider when granting your loan. This just gives you a good idea.
— Nick Markosian

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