Guide To Car Shopping

If have good credit your car the options can seem limitless. You have access to new car leasing and low interest rates financing through almost any credit union or bank.

From a purely economic perspective the best and most cost effective way to buy a car is to pick out a vehicle that’s two or three years old. Rental cars, Fleet and Lease return vehicles are always a good choice. The more expensive vehicle you want the more you save buying a used vehicle. We continue to see a record number of two and three year old vehicles to coming onto the market. This has cause used car prices to stay low. What a great time to pick a nearly new car for a whole lot less than buying a new vehicle.

If you have less than perfect credit buying a vehicle can become more complicated. This is where dealing with a reputable dealer that has all the top auto lenders available to them becomes crucial. Bigger dealers simply have better financing options than the small independent dealer. Remember this: If a car dealer wants you to arrange financing through a lender you’ve never heard of steer clear. At Markosian Auto we will arrange financing through America First, Capital One, Wells Fargo and other top tier lenders. If we can’t get you approved through a top tier lenders, we will finance you ourselves. No other dealer can offer this kind of flexibility and no other dealer works harder to arrange the absolute best financing you qualify for.

Next check the dealers google reviews. All reputable dealers work hard to have positive google reviews but all dealers will inevitably receive negative reviews. How these negative reviews are handled says a lot about the dealer. We respond to all negative reviews and do all we can to make things right for our customers. This simply can’t be said for the majority of dealers out there.

What kind of warranties are offered? What does the dealer do if they sell a bad car? All dealers sell bad cars from time to time. It’s impossible not to when dealing with used cars. The question is how does the dealer handle these issues? Markosian Auto will put you in another vehicle quickly and easily should the car we sell you have issues that can’t be easily resolved.

If you are going to buy from an in-house financing dealership ask them what their warranty is. Do they report your positive on time payments to the credit bureau? Do they have a written upgrade program? Can they get you into a better loan when your credit improves? If you need to give the car back will they destroy your credit with a repossession? Will they garnish your wages? What is their interest rate? Markosian Auto provides free oil changes and a 2 year warranty on all the cars we finance ourselves. We also report your positive credit to Trans Union. We will not put a repossession on your credit should you need to return the car. You simply pay a $495 fee. No other in house finance program even comes close to what Markosian offers.

Buying a car can sometimes be daunting. There are plenty of great reputable dealers to choose from but none can offer the customer service and financing flexibly of Markosian Auto. We hope to earn your business on your next vehicle purchase!

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