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Great cars, great deals, everyone drives.


Great cars, great deals, everyone drives

Thank you for visiting us. We pride ourselves on helping you find a car you love at the the most competitive pricing and financing available. Whether your credit score is over 700 or under 550, we will arrange the best financing out there or finance you ourselves. Choose any one of our 80 point checked, fully certified and warrantied vehicles. I know we’re going to find you a car you love!

 — Nick Markosian

We arrange financing through the area’s top banks and credit unions or if our customer doesn’t qualify there’s always our in-house financing. Believe it or not there are some lenders that will charge over 20% interest for an auto loan. This is why we finance cars ourselves – we feel that over 20% is just unfair. One way or another, rest assured we will arrange the best financing you qualify for and we guarantee if you make $400 a week and have a Utah drivers license you will leave in a car you love at Markosian Auto.


  • Financing options.
  • Selection.
  • Community-driven.
  • Customer service.
  • Vehicle maintenance.


Markosian Auto flat out has the most competitive financing in the market place. We work harder than any other dealer to offer you the best interest rates and terms your credit qualifies for and if we can’t arrange a great loan through lenders like America First, Wells Fargo or Capital One we will finance you ourselves at the lowest in house finance terms and rates around. Period.

Markosian Auto searches high and low across the region to find the best deals on lease return inventory, rental and fleet inventory and auction inventory to offer our customers the nicest most competitively priced vehicles in the market place. We DO NOT think you need to accept a bad deal on a car because of a few credit issues. You will quickly see as you browse our inventory how awesome our prices are.

Everyone says they have great service. We simply ask you to look at what our customers say. Check out our awesome google reviews. Selling and financing cars is what we do. It’s our passion. We are really good at and proud of what we do. Our happy customers are a reflection of how well we do.


Everyone says they provide great service and I’m sure everyone believes they have great service. Markosian knows that you are why we exist. We never forget that. Our service really is as good as it gets. Just take a look at our google reviews.

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